At Bit Titan, members form a mutual financial relationship through our online social lending platform. Bit Titan provides a trustworthy and secure platform for the members to perform these transactions.

Once successfully registered, you first Provide Help (PH) by selecting the amount you wish to provide. The platform’s system will assign the funds to a member, or members, who needs the financial aid. In return, when you need to Receive Help (RH), the community will be there to provide you with the amount you require.

After you have RH, you will need to PH again and the cycle continues. This ensures that there is a continuous loop of available funds, which every member can share and benefit from the joint cooperation.


All Bit Titan members must start off by providing help. To Provide Help (PH), you must first buy pins.

Once you have purchased your pins, you can PH from the platform by entering the amount you wish to contribute. The system will allocate the amount to another member, or members, in need of monetary help.

Example of Provide Help (PH):
Tim is a Bit Titan member and he PH an amount of 5 BTC into the community. The system scans the community for a member who needs to Receive Help (RH).


Once you have provided help, you are then eligible to get financial help from the community. To Receive Help (RH), you need to send a request through the platform.

The system will scan the community for a helping member, or members, and will assign the requested amount to your Bit Titan account. Once you have RH, you must perform a PH again within a designated timeframe.

Example of Receive Help (RH):
A few weeks after Tim contributed 5 BTC into Bit Titan, he needs 5.5 BTC for some home repairs. He sends in a request to the system, and it allocates two members who had contributed 3 BTC and 2.5 BTC respectively to the community.

Tim uses the funds he received for his repairs and re-contributed a PH to the system a couple of weeks later.