1. What is Bit Titan?

    Bit Titan is a global community-funded platform, where members from around the world can provide mutual financial aid to each other. The platform utilizes Bitcoin as a medium of value to provide a higher level of security for the financial transactions.

  2. How does Bit Titan work?

    The concept of Bit Titan is providing help today to receive help tomorrow.
    Members provide financial assistance to the community, where a member or members in need can get the funds they require through the system. In return, members who have given help can receive financial aid when they need it in the future.

  3. Do I have to manually Provide Help (PH) to the Receive Help (RH) member?

    No, the Bit Titan platform will automatically match your PH to the RH members. You only have to submit the amount you wish to PH.

  4. Who can participate in Bit Titan?

    Any individual who is of legal age in their respective country can participate in Bit Titan.

  5. How do I register for Bit Titan?

    To register, visit the Bit Titan website and click on the ‘Register/Login’ button. Fill in the registration form and click ‘Submit’.

  6. What are pins used for?

    In order to Provide Help (PH) and Receive Help (RH), members must purchase pins using Bitcoins.

  7. When can I request for Receive Help (RH)?

    You can request for Receive Help (RH) once you have successfully submitted your Provide Help (PH) amount.

  8. After I Receive Help (HP), when should I re-commit to Provide Help (PH)?

    Failure to do so will result in the suspension of your Bit Titan account and all the amount in your account will be cleared.